"GUT" Elastic Couplings Department (ex Siata)

For fifty years we have been specializing in the construction of "GUT" universal joints (ex Siata).

We wish to bring to the attention of Customers interested in the application of elastic transmission couplings, that the universally elastic "GUT" coupling is suitable for the following types of machines:

  • Generating sets
  • Rail vehicles
  • Concrete mixer trucks
  • Electric motors, diesel
  • Machine tools, textiles, earthmovers
  • Centrifugal, vertical pumps, evaporators
  • Big fans
  • Conveyors, presses
  • Compressors, rolling mills
  • Tractors
  • Engine test benches
  • etc ...

The "GUT" joint is universally elastic, due to the special arrangement of the elastic blocks arranged parallel to each other in an oscillating central body

These elastic blocks are used for the transmission of motion, and because of the deformation they make possible the inclination, the torsion, and the axial displacement of two joint shafts.

The special properties of our joints:

  • Absolute absence of frictional parts
  • Elastic shock absorption with damping of oscillations and noise.
  • It does not require any lubrication



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